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ISO Tank Containers for Bromine Transportation

Liquid bromine is an extremely corrosive chemical with a specific gravity of 3.12. Homogeneous lead bonding to BS CP 3003: Part 3 for pressurised transport tanks with full vacuum design, ISO 1496 Class 3 certified frame mount are some features of Synergy Engineering’s ISO containers.Flawless lead lining is the key to reliable transportation of liquid bromine.

Synergy Engineering’s success in design & manufacturing has attracted the attention of premier liquid bromine manufacturers within and outside India for its cost effective alternative to German or USA made ISO containers.

Besides a handful of manufacturers in Germany, Synergy Engineering is the only company in this part of the world that has a proven track record of designing and building lead lined ISO containers for transport of liquid bromine with IMDG, ADR, RID, CSC certification.

Lead bonding for 20 ISO containers from Jordan Bromine Company subsidiary of Albemarle Corporation, USA, was successfully executed by Synergy Engineering. Following that, we got our own design and type approval for manufacturing of complete ISO containers. Since then we have manufactured 50 ISO containers for SatyeshBrinechemPvt. Ltd., 20 containers for Agrocel Industries, both top Bromine manufacturers in India. We have track record of about 100 containers already in use for Bromine transportation all over the world.

In India, Synergy Engineering is the only company which has dedicated well trained team of Lead bonders, and second in the world to have in house facility of Lead Bonding. The same helps us to not only manufacture high quality of the ISO containers but to support our clients maintaining the ISO containers.

Synergy Engineering’s ISO containers are duly certified by Lloyds Register and are worthy for transportation by the way of Shipping, Rail & Road transport.

    Capacity Available:

  • 8250 Litres
  • 6000 Litres

Bromine transportation containers- (Domestic-Within India)

Apart from ISO containers for Export of Bromine we also manufacture Bromine transportation containers which are suitable for usage within India. They are specifically designed as per customer’s capacity requirement.

All the standards for Lead Lining and manufacturing process remains intact for the domestic containers. Quality of the containers is similar to the Export containers sans the Certification.

    Capacity Available:

  • 2000 Litres
  • 3000Litres
  • 6000 Litres
  • 8000 Litres