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Chlorine Vaporizers

The design & manufacture of Steam Heated Vaporizer meets Chlorine Institute recommendations for liquid vaporization by low pressure steam. The liquid Cl2 is inside the vaporization chamber and the heating media is steam vapour which is outside the vaporization chamber.

The vaporizer design pressure of 300 lbs meets Chlorine Institute Recommendations with corrosion allowance of 3 mm on chlorine side and 1.5 mm on steam side.

The internal and external surface of the vaporizing chamber can be easily inspected during servicing which is a unique feature of the design. Ease of cleaning is an added advantage to remove the sediments.

Vaporizer can be easily cleaned by removing from the top.

The Steam chamber has nozzle connections for steam inlet, condensate outlet, pressure gauge, pressure switch and pressure relief valve. Insulation on shell must be done by the client at site.

We also provide Pressure relief valve (PRV), pressure gauges integrated with pressure switches and temperature indicators on the chlorine outlet, for enhanced safety. Standard header for liquid chlorine Filter for liquid.

    Standard Features

  • Pressure Relief Valve (Cl2 outlet), pneumatically operated
  • Pressure Switches
  • Temperature Indicators
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Control Panel (FLP-compatible with DCS system)
  • Pressure relief valve (Steam Inlet)
  • Condensate outlet system

    Safety Features

  • Rapture disk
  • Pressure over shoot Alarm system
  • Temperature over shoot Alarm system
  • Chlorine leakage sensors with Hooter Alarm system
  • Emergency Scrubber System (meeting with PCB norms.)
  • FRP hood for Cl2 cylinders
  • SBA sets


  • 500 kg/hr
  • 1000kg/hr
  • 1500 kg/ hr
  • 2000 kg/hr